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The Cookbook

As an event, we continues to rely on donations from our guests in order to host the Rice & Spice dinners. The donations help us pay for food and cooking supplies we need to feed the community members we serve. Our mission is to try to provide a service to the Carbondale community by hosting the meals. Because we do not have non-profit status and we do not charge guests for the meals, we continue to hold fundraisers to sustain our mission.

In the Fall of 2013, we put together some of our best recipes into the first edition of our Rice & Spice Cookbook. The cookbook reads as a personal story from our chefs to you. It is a collection of some of our best dishes from the weekly dinners. Not only will you enjoy some of our best recipes from India, the Philippines, China, Africa, the Caribbean and many other areas, you’ll be able to hear from the people who prepared them.

Authored by Aur Beck. Designed by Kimberly Hoffman. Illustrations by Acaisha Buffo. Photographs by James Throgmorton

We currently offer the cookbook in paperback only, but we hope to release a new digital edition if there is a demand for it.

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